Stars are men and women who are outstanding in their field.
Anybody can become a star it is a matter of choice.
You don't become a star by voting but by attainment.
Star's are people who work harder than others.
Individuals who do ordinary things in an extra ordinary way.

Trailblazers who set new records and also broke old existing records.
Men and women who are driven to leave a mark in Annals of time.

You can become a star in your chosen field or career as long as you strive to better yourself everyday.

Christano Ronaldo trains harder than every other player in every club where he has played and this attitude has given him the platform to become an exceptional  player which has moulded him into the star he has become today.
 You too can do like wise in your field for the star in  you to manifest.
Remember the world is big enough to accommodate everyone who desire to shine.


Whatever you are afraid of most times are also afraid of you.
There are so many things that makes us fear and worry, but despite these fear we must ensure we keep going forward.
One of the greatest problem of humanity is fear, too many people are afraid of how things will turn out.
Some are of the opinion in their heart that their pursuit will not turn out well, and come to think of it, what if it turns out well.
We were told in the book of Isaiah 41:10 ‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’
As long as God has assure you keep moving on. But there are Five fear I believe we will confront daily.
1. The Fear of what people think: Too many people make their decision to please people and not God, don't forget that God's approval is everybody's approval.

2.The Fear of Criticism: don't let the opinions of others affect your conf…


Ladies and Gentlemen, the future you are afraid of is already here.

Nobody arrives at a colourful future without a colourful effort and input today.
Don't be afraid of what you already know about, because the future is about what you do with your today.

It is your preparation for today that will determine your performance for tomorrow which is the future you are afraid of.

If you are doing  the required today, chances are sure you won't have reasons to fear concerning the future.
Welcome to an amazing future as you take full advantage of today's activities.

Remember the future is your today and today is  that tomorrow you talked about yesterday.


The most valuable asset you have why you are still alive, i believe it is your health.
Once your health is affected, everything around your life and destiny is affected.
Without your health you can't fulfill your destiny, you can lose so many things are recover them back, but there is no guarantee that if you lose your health, you can recover it back, because losing your health can lead to loss of life. Take advantage of the moment, eat wisely, rest when you are suppose to, reduce your daily activity of unwanted stress and spend quality time with family members and loved ones.
Enjoy your life, give time to your spiritual well being, give total attention to the fulfillment of your purpose.
Do things that will make you feel happier and better.
Don't wait to endure the symptoms of any sickness, you might not live to prevent it from turning into a disease.


The most precious gift of life, is the gift of each new day.
The one thing that can't be replaced is life.

The one thing that can't be transfered is life.

The one thing that can determine everything on earth is life.

The quest for prosperity has reduced the value people attach to life.
The truth is that everyone is appointed to die one day.
And it will be painful to depart without making any positive impart here on earth.
Let your value be tied to what you carry inside of you.
Because what define who you are is not the things you own but the potentials and virtues buried inside of you.

Give more attention to the person you desire to become than the quest for material possession.


There are certain situations that people find themselves, that it is only the hand of God that can bring them out.

Isreal was in bondage in Egypt under the rule of Pharaoh, If God did not step in, there would have been no deliverance for them.

Divine intervention is the sudden movement of God upon your situation and challenges.

Divine intervention is when God fights for you and your enemies destroy themselves.

No one can harm you when you are under the covering of God.

No man can guarantee the outcome of their plans if the  hand of God is not fully Involved.


When friends and family have written you off.

When there is no human solution to your problem.

When you are boxed in and there is no way out.


Be sold out for God.

Kill all anxiety and worry.

Exercise violent faith.

Remember that only God can change the condition and situation of any man no matter how bad it may look.


If you must not delay the manifestation of your miracles you must know when is time for you to leave.

Most organisation and system are platform for people to get to their destination in destiny.
 No matter the amount of love and care you show to them, they will eventually leave some day because it is not the place ordaine for them to stay even if they choose to stay.

Every man we come incontact with is a privilage and opportunity for us to be exposed to the wisdom, knowledge and experience they possess.

Never you choose to stay too long in a place God has not ordaine for you to stay.


1.If you are no longer happy working in that environment.

2. When God has given you a different idea and vision to pursue.

3. If you no longer believd in the vision and ideas of the organisation.

4. When you know that your present organisation cannot get you to your destination.

Don't ever forget this, people choose to leave a place not because of selfish reasons but they j…